A. Carl Bredahl

A. Carl Bredahl has published on numerous figures in American literature, from Charles Brockden Brown in the late eighteenth century to Tom Wolfe and Ivan Doig today. He is the author of four books: Melville’s Angles of Vision (1972); New Ground: Western American Narrative and the Literary Canon (1989); Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa: Helix and Scimitar (with Susan Drake, 1990); and Ivan Doig (1999). 

Latest by A. Carl Bredahl in Chronicles

  • Inscribing the American Frontier
    November 1991

    Inscribing the American Frontier

    20 min

    In August 1990, George Bush announced that America was "drawing a line in the sand" of the Saudi Arabian desert.

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  • Montana on the Move
    December 1990

    Montana on the Move

    4 ½ min

    With this latest novel, Ivan Doig completes his McCaskill trilogy, begun in 1984 with English Creek and followed in 1987 with Dancing at the Rascal Fair. Ride With Me, Mariah Montana is good Doig, and that means readers can expect crisp dialogue, rapid pace, vital language, and many satisfied- hours with this handsome volume from Atheneum.

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